Common ailments you can Prevent with Regular Exercise

Gone are the days when your physicians used to recommend you to go to bed, or take never-ending medication, for treating various chronic diseases. But now, doctors also don’t deny the importance of workouts. Though in today’s fast moving world, exercises and physical movements have been cornered, and that is responsible for various diseases getting settled into your bodies.

Exercises can not only shed extra pounds from your body, but also can save you from many serious diseases. Several health problems such as, heart problems, diabetes, flu, asthma and many others, making life hell for you, can be treated with exercises.

Cold and Flu
You can practice exercises to get rid of flu or cold. Cold is a very generic problem, which further leads to many other diseases. Exercises strengthen the immune system and effectively amplify the number of white blood cells (WBC).
You can certainly mitigate the effect of cold and also the number of colds, by following a brisk daily routine. Twenty to thirty minutes of pesky walk, running, light exercises are sufficient enough to make your immune system ready to fight against cold or flu.


Fitness workouts will keep the immune system strong and able to fight ailments

Blood Pressure
High cholesterol level, high blood pressure can be controlled through exercises. Unhealthy triglycerides are the main culprits responsible for high blood pressure and high cholesterol level, exercises enhances the production of high-density lipoproteins and good cholesterol. Promoting the blood flow in the body, these two elements keep the cardiovascular system strong.

Asthma takes root in the body due to obstructed flow of oxygen from lungs to the blood. Exercises not only increase the blood circulation, but also increase breathing. While doing exercises, your body becomes warm, and the breathing rate gets much higher than normal. Higher breathing rate removes the stumbles and opens the passage to adequate breathing.

Skin Diseases
The sweat excreted by your body detoxifies it and effectively combat many skin diseases. Most of the skin problems occur in the body, due to indigestion or malfunctioning of liver. Exercises stimulate the functioning of liver and deal with numerous skin problems.

Depression is a very prominent problem, which might give you countless restless or sleepless nights. While doing exercises, various chemicals are released by brain, which dramatically work on your temperament.
Besides making you feel exhilarated, they boost up your confidence. Twenty to thirty minutes of brisk walk or physical activity can empower your body to combat against depression.

Diabetes takes root into the body due to malfunctioning of insulin hormone. Exercises promote the production and functioning of insulin hormone, and therefore rid your body from the terrible disease.

Back Pain
Improper sitting postures or long sitting hours in the same position, often leads to back pain. There are various exercises which increase the suppleness of your body. You can also practice various yoga postures; different postures work on your spinal cord and relieve you from back pain.

Osteoporosis takes root due to decreased bone density. When your body falls short of calcium, it starts withdrawing calcium from bones, making them weak. Exercises make your bone strong and prepare them to combat against challenges coming with age.

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