What the Lunch Menu of a Person trying to Lose Weight should Include

Outdoor group training in Balmain are great programs for fitness activity and if you have weight loss goals on your mind then you can think of joining one. However you need to control your diet and focus on meal planning if you want to keep your weight under control. Simply working out without having healthy meals will not help you much.

Have a hummus and roasted vegetable pizza

Pizza is on the favorite food list of almost everybody and this hummus and roasted veggie version is low on calories too. It is packed with crispy veggies, goat cheese, and lean carbohydrates. This pizza meal, if taken at lunch, will prep you up for the day. Feel energetic and control hunger pangs by having this delicious pizza meal.

Take a soft tortilla shell, stuff in tomatoes, zucchini and spinach and then add hummus. Use garlic cloves, ketchup, salt and pepper for seasoning. Sprinkle on low-fat feta cheese for taste. This pizza tastes so great, no wonder it’s a hit with people working out in outdoor group training Balmain.

Taste a Quinona Edamame salad

Salads are always great for health unless you load them up with high-fat dressings. Quinoa is a power-packed ingredient which is filled with antioxidants and essential minerals. There are lots of tomatoes, chickpeas and veggies added to boost the nutrient quotient of the salad. The dressing is made of lemon, mustard, black pepper and the total combination is tasty yet low in calories.

This quinoa salad is made by combining quinoa, shelled peas, sun-dried baby tomatoes, onions and vegetable broth. “Have this meal to power your way throughout the day” says trainers of outdoor group training Balmain.

Munch on a turkey and avocado wrap

Fitness trainers in Balmain always stress on the importance of eating healthy meals like the turkey and avocado wrap. This versatile wrap takes 5 minutes time for preparation and is a great way for filling your belly without loading up on the calories. Take one whole wheat tortilla, put in red hummus, 3-4 slices of cold meat or turkey and throw in a couple of avocados. This wrap is a perfect example of a mix of lean carbohydrates, healthy protein and essential fats. If you want to lose weight you can consider making this wrap a part of your meal plans.

Spoon in some taco soup

A turkey chili taco soup is great for spicing up your tongue and helping you curb your appetite. Trainers at the outdoor group training in Balmain say that this soup is a great power packed meal which is full of protein, carb and a lot of vitamins.

Put in half a pound of grinded turkey, medium sized cooked onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and frozen corn to taste. You must add tomato sauce, refried beans, chicken broth and some oregano seasoning to hike up the taste. Outdoor group training Balmain have trainers who say that a turkey chili soup is the perfect lunch meal.