The Secret To Ripped Arms

Getting those ripped swole arms doesn’t have to be the impossible task that everyone thinks it is.

If you want to get sleeve busting arms, then you simply need to follow a set of rules. And these rules are:

– Don’t just do arm exercises. As much as you don’t want to believe it, doing just arm exercises constitutes very little to arm growth. You need to do heavy arm exercises such as chinups and heavy militart barbell presses. Doing these will help ignite arm growth like crazy

– You need to eat more. Eat big to grow big is the motto around here and it is oh so right. I’m not saying you need to go the closes KFC and gorge yourself to death. But you should be a caloric surplus every single day. It is absolutely vital to arm growth and also overall muscle growth as well.

– Get rest. Sleeping at least 8 hours per day will put you in a super anabolic state meaning that you’re body is prime to get big, so be some shut eye please.