5 Benefits Of Clubbell Training

A clubbell personal trainer either works in small groups or provides individualized training. The latter is of course very expensive, but hiring experienced, educated, accredited and certified personal fitness trainers has its numerous benefits.

Assessment and Evaluation before Goal Setting

A fitness trainer working with clubbells won’t make you exercise blindly without first assessing your physical condition and fitness level in a professional manner. If he or she is happy with your physical evaluation, he or she will design a specific and customized, tailor made exercise program for you, keeping your unique needs in mind.

You will have a target goal as well as a starting point. Your fitness objectives may be modified or altered along the course of your exercise journey. This assessment and evaluation before setting a customized goal is highly necessary for preventing injuries and maximizing results.

The job of a certified clubbell personal trainer is not just to guide and instruct you, but also to teach you the correct methods of exercising. Too many fitness enthusiasts end up with exercise related injuries as they have no proper knowledge of handling complex equipment and props.
Nor do they know basic tips for reducing the chances of injuries such as warming up for five to ten minutes before launching into a full-fledged, rigorous exercise routine.

Dangerously Fit Clubs will teach you how to exercise correctly, what to do and what not to do while working out, how to use different equipment and props in the correct fashion and how to execute the more challenging drills. Advanced students will also learn from their personal trainer how to progress to the next level of workout.

Versatility of Workout Location
One of the greatest advantages of clubbell training is perhaps the versatility of the equipment. If you want, you can buy a set of wooden Indian Clubs that can be used for hundreds of exercises. Plus if you go a little heavier and buy a 4kg clubbell you’ll be able to condition the entire body in one workout.

Dangerously Fit clubbells let you workout anywhere at your convenience.
If you can afford it, your personal fitness instructor will come to your home to impart fitness training at a time which is most convenient for you. This allows you to maintain your privacy if you don’t like being stared at in a public gym.

Specific Needs
Many people hire personal trainers when they have specific needs. It is mostly people suffering from asthma, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis, arthritis or sports injuries who rely on the expertise of personal fitness coaches to stretch and strengthen their injured muscles or to lose weight.

Even women who are recovering from child birth, C-section or people recovering from surgeries hire personal trainers for improving their mobility, flexibility, strength and to tone their flabby muscles.

Clubbell training also ensures that there is plenty of variety and innovation in the exercise routines. Fitness instructors are specialists in making your exercise regimen more interesting. This helps keep boredom and monotony at bay and motivates participants to stick to their exercise routine.