Fun Training Exercises Ideas For Boot Camp

Exercising on your own at home or running on the same treadmill all by yourself can hardly be motivating or enjoyable. Join instead a bondi Bondi fitness workout program where you meet like-minded people and work together towards a common goal while having loads of fun. A CEC certification is a fantastic way of learning new ideas.

Boot camps are an economical and effective way of shedding excess flab, toning your overall body and improving your strength and endurance. They provide an extremely inspiring atmosphere where you can work in groups or pairs. Cool and innovative workout sessions make boot camps the number one choice for fitness buffs.

Drag a Bag

Dragging a heavy bag can be a chore in most situations. But at your boot camp Bondi, dragging a heavy bag can actually be fun and very effective in increasing your physical strength. For this, you will have to fill a big duffel bag with whatever you can lay your hands on; dumbbells, rocks, weights or any other heavy object.

Although the bag can be dragged on the ground; the fun increases when you have to heave it up an inclined plane. Cones are also placed throughout the inclined plane to specify the route. Participants have to drag the bag all the way up as fast as possible.

Push the Car

Power band training are great boot camp exercises

This is another everyday irksome chore that has been altered into an enjoyable boot camp Bondi workout. Participants are divided into groups and have to push a heavy vehicle for a predetermined distance within a specific time. To inject the fun element, the workout is performed as a competition between groups or pairs.

Vertical bar jumps
This is like going back to school days when hanging onto and swinging from vertical bars on the playground was so much fun! This is exactly the same but part of your boot camp Bondi workout.


Vertical bars that are found in most parks are suitable for this fun exercise. Stand directly under the bar and grasp it with your hands. Bend the knees and give your body a sudden jerk to lift yourself up. Using the momentum of the jerk, lift yourself as high as you can for an effective workout.

Pushing your Partner 
This superbly fun workout is done in pairs and works best if the ground is wet and muddy! Both you and your partner have to stand on one leg and try to push each other down. You should touch only your partner’s outstretched hands and no other area of the body.

You lose around if you lose your balance, have to hop away or put the other foot down. Similarly, your partner loses if he/she loses balance or withdraws his/her hands. Swap your legs each time you lose. The workout aims to improve the balance and flexibility of your body.

To add a twist to this boot camp Bondi ‘game’, you can use the raised leg, instead of your hand, to knock off your partner. The inside of the raised foot should be curved around the raised foot of your partner to knock him/her down.

Grabbing Equipment
Another group personal training game that imbibes healthy competition among participants is grabbing equipments. This sounds simple but when done in groups, it can be extremely enjoyable. Divide participants in small groups and set a track by placing cones (as many as you want) in a zigzag pattern on the ground.

Group personal training.
Place items like tyres or heavy weights at one end of the track. Each member from each group has to run through the track, pick up the items and run back to the starting line. The runs are timed and the group with most number of quick runners wins the competition.

Picking up Coloured Balls

Divide participants into small groups of four or five members. Place cones on the ground to mark a specific track. Put coloured balls (as many as you can) at one end of the track.

Each member from the teams has to run the track, pick up a ball and return to starting position. The game is timed and the team with the maximum number of balls; wins. To make this really challenging, the participants at an outdoor group personal training cannot just run to grab the balls.

They have to perform high jogs, backward jogs, bear crawls, squats, walking lunges etc as they move forward. The instructor calls out the type of movement and the participant has to instantly switch to it while moving through the track.

Boot Camp Instructor Shares Exercise Benefits

Exercise Myths that affect you Negatively

Everybody knows that it’s healthy to exercise yet most people avoid exercise like the plague. People will make up excuses, listen to myths and find so many reasons to avoid joining a gym or a fitness progrAM. While “laziness” is mostly what has been preventing you from exercising there are a lot of negative rumours floating in the market about the effects of exercise. Here is what Dan Clay at Dangerously Fit has to Say (These guys are the best Coogee Boot Camp)

Women shouldn’t exercise because it makes them bulky

If you are a woman you must have heard about this excuse hundreds of times. Chances are that you avoid strength training or lifting weights since you are convinced that you will start developing muscles like a professional boxer.

This is a total myth and entirely untrue according to Coogee boot camp trainers. Women have way too much of the female hormone “estrogen” in their bodies to build up muscle. You will have to work out like a madman if you are female looking out to build bulk. You will also need to consume a lot of protein shakes and take huge quantities of supplements. As long as you are not doing any of these things you will not gain bulk. If you want to look fit, trimmed and utterly gorgeous then join a bootcamp in Coogee today.

Boot Camp Coogee Is The Ultimate Way To Get Fit Fast!!!

Thin people do not need to exercise

If you are thin and have never exercised then you are probably under the spell of the myth “thin people don’t need to exercise”. However weight is not the sole trigger behind exercise. Regular structured fitness activity will make you healthier, leaner and fitter and decrease the occurrence risk of several diseases like blood sugar, cholesterol, pressure etc.

Don’t fall into the trap that just because you are not overweight you don’t need to exercise. Exercising is necessary for a healthy and fit life.

Fat is burnt by low intensity exercises

The myth that low intensity exercises are better for burning fat has prevented so many people from joining fitness boot camps in Coogee. The only advantage of low intensity exercises is that they are less demanding on the joints. Lots of intense exercise will make you burn far more calories as your heart beat and metabolic rate will shoot up. Once your body has started off on an intense paced interval training mode you will be surprised to see how quickly you start shedding the excess flab.

One should only exercise for spot reduction

Many people suffer from the weird delusion that they can spot reduce easily. Spot reduction is best done by liposuction. Exercise done at Coogee boot camp will tone your body all through. You should focus on reducing all over body fat; unless this fatty layer is gone you won’t be able to see the beautiful muscles inside.

Join a group fitness program in Coogee, follow the instructions of the trainer, listen to the diet advice and very soon you will have a beautiful toned body. So just get rid of these exercise myths and get fit fast!